Working with Select notifications

By default when you submit a job using InfoPrint Select, a notification profile is sent with the job. If you have the Select message windows running when you submit a print job using InfoPrint Select, notifications are requested. If the Select message window is not running, notifications are not requested. When notifications are requested, they are delivered by e-mail. InfoPrint Select does not use the standard e-mail port for notifications to avoid conflict with other SMTP servers. If you have a conflict with the port that Select is using for notification, you can select another port by following: Start → Programs → InfoPrint Select → InfoPrint Select Notification → InfoPrint Manager Message Port, and entering another port.

The InfoPrint Select Notification message window usually starts automatically when Windows first loads, but if you need to start the Notification message Window at another time, go to Start → Programs → InfoPrint Select → InfoPrint Select Notification.

To turn off the Notification message window, click the X in the upper right corner of the screen and then click OK on the warning message.

Note: If you receive a communication error when using the Select Message Window with Windows operating system, you might have to include ipnotify.exe on the Exceptions tab of the Windows Firewall dialog.