Map Coded Font (MCF) Format 2 structured field

ACIF does not modify this structured field, and it does not map any referenced GRID values to the appropriate font character set and code page pairs. This situation might affect document integrity in the case of archival because no explicit resource names are referenced for ACIF to retrieve.

ACIF requires that FOCA fonts be named according to the suggested IBM naming conventions in FOCA font naming conventions. If the naming conventions are not followed, you might get unexpected results. For example, ACIF bases the font character rotation on the second character in the font name.

FOCA font naming conventions

Font Resource Objects Prefix
240- and 300-pel character set C0
3800 character set C1–CG
Outline character set CZ
Code page; extended code page T1
240- and 300-pel coded font X0 (required)
3800 coded font X1–XG (required)
Outline coded font XZ (required)