Carriage Control Characters (CC)

The CC byte is required when record format data is mixed with MO:DCA-P data, but is ignored. The CC byte is optional for record format line data at all other times, however if you enter it, you must inform the print server that it is there.

Many functions used in the line descriptor (LND) to format traditional line data are used in RCD to format record format line data. Others, such as header and trailer processing, are unique to RCDs.

Traditional line data is similar to record format line data in that neither is formatted into pages. However, traditional line data can be printed on line printers while record format line data cannot. For more information, refer to Using Page Definition Commands for Record Format Line Data and XML Data.

Note: ASCII ANSI, ANSI, and EBCDIC (machine) handle carriage control characters differently. See the SPACE_THEN_PRINT subcommand listed in Subcommands (Long Form) for more information.