POSITION Subcommand as Used in this Example

The POSITION subcommand of each PRINTLINE command specifies the printline position relative to the logical page origin. The POSITION subcommands below FIELD commands specify a field position relative to the governing printline position. Following POSITION subcommands come the horizontal (x) then the vertical (y) offsets from the reference point. They are parallel in structure to the OFFSET subcommand of the form definition.

For example, the final POSITION subcommand places the final field 1 + 4 inches to the right of the left edge of the logical page, combining the x value of 1 in the PRINTLINE command, and the x value of 4 in the nested FIELD command. The 0 in the FIELD command specifies no change to the y value in the PRINTLINE command. Thus, the position of the final field is 5 IN (x), 2 IN (y).

Note: The first FIELD command within each PRINTLINE has no position specification, because the PRINTLINE POSITION value is the default for the first FIELD command nested under it.

Alternate controls for the x and y values of a POSITION subcommand are available. See the description of the POSITION subcommand in FIELD Command and PRINTLINE Command (Traditional).