Enhanced indexing parameters

You can use enhanced indexing to do these tasks:

  • Generate page-level information so you can move to specific pages in a document.
  • Define a transaction field and create indexes where ACIF extracts the first and last value from a group or page.
  • Define a field that is based on where the trigger is found.
  • Define a default value for a field, which is used if the record is not long enough to hold the field.
  • Change to a new group when the maximum number of pages is reached.
  • Define a floating trigger, which can appear multiple times in a group or not at all, or define a trigger that is found within a range of records.
  • Match specific characters that might appear in a field column or match a field mask symbol.

This chapter describes the ACIF parameters that are used for enhanced indexing functions. To use enhanced indexing in ACIF, you specify the parameters in this chapter, in addition to those parameters found in ACIF parameters. The syntax rules for the enhanced indexing parameters are the same as those rules in Syntax rules for ACIF.