Using the InfoPrint 5000, Ricoh Pro VC40000, Ricoh Pro VC60000, and Rico Pro VC70000 models with hot folders from InfoPrint Manager to print PostScript and PDF

To print PDF and PostScript files on the InfoPrint 5000 printer models AD1/AD2, AD3/AD4, AD3/AD4-XR3, AS1, AS3, KM3, KM3/MD4, MD3/MD4, Ricoh Pro VC40000, Ricoh Pro VC60000, and Ricoh Pro VC70000 with InfoPrint Manager for AIX, you can use hot folders.
  • To submit the file MyJob to the logical destination IP5000-ld and request two-sided printing and the color-toner-saver attribute, type:
    pdpr -d IP5000-ld -x "sides=2 color-toner-saver=true" MyJob
    Note: The page size and orientation that is specified in the job and in InfoPrint Manager must match that specified at the printer. Otherwise, the job will print on the page size and with the orientation specified at the printer.
  • To query all the jobs that you submitted to logical destination IP5000, type:
    pdq -d IP5000-ld