Upgrading AIX print drivers with InfoPrint Manager for AIX Version 4.9

If you are installing InfoPrint Manager for AIX Version 4.9, upgrade your AIX drivers (Colon Files for AIX ), if you have not already done so, for these printers. For the most recent information, go to the Ricoh website at http://rpp.ricoh-usa.com and click Support. Select your software product from the Downloads and Drivers section.

These colon files are referenced when you create either an AIX DSS printer or a PSF other-driver DSS printer through InfoPrint Manager and when you specify particular trays from which to pull paper using InfoPrint Manager attributes.

Note: If these printers are network-attached through the internal adapter, install the back-end programs for the printers. For more information on the installation process, see the Ricoh website at http://rpp.ricoh-usa.com/.

You can use these steps to access these colon files from the web:

  1. From the Ricoh home page at: http://rpp.ricoh-usa.com/ Click the Downloads & Drivers link.
  2. From the Printer drivers and downloads page, click the appropriate printer model number from the bulleted list, such as InfoPrint 1120.
  3. From the resulting page, refine your search or scroll down the resulting list of drivers until you find the link to the colon files for AIX, then click it.
    Note: Scroll to the second or third page of search results to find this link.
  4. On the resulting AIX driver download page, follow the instructions to download and install the driver files.

    If this page displays a Readme File link, click it to find the directions.

Note: If you upgraded from a root installation to a non-root installation, change the owner of the /var/spool/*piobe.dev files of each InfoPrint Manager destination from root to the non-root user selected for running InfoPrint Manager. Otherwise, you receive this error: 5010-083 A system error occurred while trying to process this request. Use your local problem-reporting procedure to report this message.