Ports used by InfoPrint Manager for AIX or Linux

Commonly used ports

Port Description Port Type w/o
25 SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) OUT
67 bootp server (Some printers) IN
68 bootp client (Some printers) OUT
80 HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) (Web servers on some printers) OUT
92 NPP (Network Printing Protocol) OUT
161 SNMP Request (Simple Network Management Protocol) OUT
162 SNMP monitor trap port (Printer monitoring and management) OUT
443 HTTPS (License Key Management Application - automatic license registration) OUT
515 lpr/lpd printer spooler IN
631 IPP (Internet Printing Protocol): IPP Gateway IN
5511-5520 IPM inter-server communication ports (generated by pdinitports, viewed by fstshow -o; the port range can vary) BOTH
2192 License daemon BOTH
2501 InfoPrint printer PCL/PS OUT
5001 IPDS printer port (PSF TCP/IP printer default) OUT
5002 IPDS printer port (for the first engine of a dual-engine printer) OUT
5003 IPDS printer port (for the second engine of a dual-engine printer) OUT
5157 Select's Notification Window OUT
6874 IPM server communication default (PD_SOCKET)
  1. Ports are configurable with user specific values
  2. Initial ports. Additional pdservers on the same machine require additional sets of ports.
6875 GUI notification port OUT
8200 Notification server OUT
8250 apped transform daemon BOTH
8251 ps2afp and pdf2afp transform daemon BOTH
8252 ps2afp and pdf2afp second transform daemon BOTH
8253 pcl2afp transform daemon BOTH
9100 HP printer PCL/PS (pioinfo default) OUT
9600 Printer controlled printer sharing (IPDS printer shared with non-IPDS as well) OUT
14080 HTTP port for web applications (IPMNX, WEB GUI) IN
14443 HTTPS port for web applications (IPMNX, WEB GUI) IN
14005 Web server BOTH