Job Properties dialog

The Job Properties dialog opens when you click Properties on the toolbar or you select Properties from the Job menu bar pull-down. You can display information about a selected job by selecting one of the tabs on the dialog. The fields on this dialog are not editable.


The Summary page displays overall job settings for the print job. These values are not editable.

Job name
Indicates the name of the job. The job name is assigned on the Job Settings dialog.
Indicates the state of the job. These job states are possible:
Canceled The job has been canceled.
Held The job is being held in the queue.
Paused The job has been paused.
Pending The job is waiting in the queue to be printed.
Pre-processing The job is being created.
Processing The job has been scheduled to print on a physical printer.
Retained The job has already printed or was removed from the queue and has a non-zero retention period.
Terminating The job has been canceled and is in the process of terminating.
Unknown The state is not known.
Reason for job state
Indicates the reasons that this job is in the held, terminating, or retained state. If this field is blank, this job is not in one of these states.
Position in queue
Indicates the number of jobs in the queue before this job.
Number of pages
Indicates the number of pages in the job.
Displays an originator name if it was specified in the job-originator attribute. This name can appear on the start sheet printed with your jobs. If an attribute was not specified, the field will be blank.
Authenticated login
Specifies the LDAP user ID if the job is LDAP authenticated.


The Processing page displays values for processing the print job. These values are not editable.

Indicates the number of job copies that have been selected for printing.
Retention period
Displays the period of time following job completion, in hours and minutes, that this job is retained before being discarded. After this job completes, it is retained until this time limit expires or until the Discard Time limit expires.


The Progress page displays information about the progress of the print job. These values are not editable.

Submission time
Indicates the time at which this job was added to the queue.
Submission complete
Indicates whether information regarding the documents in this job have been received by the server from the client. The value is either true or false.
Started printing time
Indicates the time that this job was sent to the printer.
Processing time
Indicates the amount of time (in hours and minutes) that this job has been at the printer device. If printing has completed, this field displays the total amount of time used to print this job.
Copies complete
Indicates the number of copies that have completed printing. If this value is blank, the job might not have started to print or this information is not available to Select.
Completion time
Indicates the time when this job completed printing.
Modification time
Indicates the date and time that the job was last modified. It can indicate that an administrator has performed some action on your job after you submitted it.
Name of last modifier
Indicates the name of the person or the name of the application that most recently modified the job. If a person submitted or modified the job, the value is the login ID for that user.


The Scheduling page displays the settings for print job scheduling. These values are not editable.

Print After
Indicates the date or time when jobs submitted to this printer will begin to be scheduled.
Discard After
Indicates the date or time when jobs submitted to this printer will be deleted, whether they have printed.
Job batch
Indicates the value for the job-batch attribute if one was specified.
Indicates the scheduling priority of this job. A print job can have a priority of 1-100, where 100 is the highest priority. General users can set a priority of up to 50; administrators can set a priority of up to 100.


The Status page displays information about print job status. These values are not editable.

Queue assigned
Indicates the name of the queue where this job is located. If this field is blank, the job is not currently residing in a queue because it is in the retained or timed-out state.
Printers used
Shows a list of the physical printers used to print this job.
Previous job state
Indicates the previous state of the job.
Indicates the value of the job-owner attribute. If you did not specify a value for this attribute when you submitted the job, this field displays the us