AIXwindows mode

Complete these steps to receive contextual help on a menu selection:
  1. Press Ctrl + F1. All the menu selections on the panel are highlighted. The mouse pointer changes to a question mark. A Help Message window opens with instructions on how to access help.
  2. Click any highlighted menu selection on the panel. An Information Message window opens.
  3. Click the OK button on the Information Message window after you have read the information. All menu selections on the panel remain highlighted.
  4. To view the help for another item, select it.
  5. When you have completed viewing the information, click the Cancel button on the Help Message window to remove the highlighting and return to normal SMIT operations.
Note: You can also manually highlight a menu selection by using the Tab and arrow keys to navigate to the selection. Pressing F1 for a highlighted menu item opens the help window for that item.