Verifying requirements for all InfoPrint Manager installations

These filesets are required on each AIX system where you will install InfoPrint software:

  • bos.loc.iso.en_US (Base System Locale ISO Code Set–U.S. English)
  • (Mail Handler)
  • bos.rte (Base Operating System Runtime)
  • bos.rte.libc (libc Library)
  • bos.rte.libpthreads (libpthreads Library)
  • printers.rte (Printer Backend)
  • X11.apps.msmit (AIXwindows msmit Application)
  • X11.base.rte (AIXwindows Runtime Environment)
  • X11.loc.en_US.Dt.rte (AIX CDE Locale Configuration—US English)
  • X11.loc.en_US.base.lib (AIXwindows Client Locale Configuration—US English)
  • X11.loc.en_US.base.rte (AIXwindows Locale Configuration—US English)
  • X11.motif.lib (AIXwindows Motif Libraries)
  • X11.msg.en_US.base.rte (AIXwindows Runtime Environment Messages—US English)
Note: Regardless of the language that you plan to use when installing InfoPrint Manager, you must apply the X11.loc.en_US* filesets, as well as the bos.loc.iso.en_US fileset listed above.

  • libc++.rte
  • xlC.aix61.rte IBM XL C++ Runtime for AIX 6.1
  • xlC.rte IBM XL C++ Runtime for AIX

These filesets are required on each AIX system where you install InfoPrint Manager and where you plan to use the LDAP functionality:

  • idsldap.clt32bit63.rte
  • idsldap.clt64bit63.rte
  • idsldap.clt_max_crypto32bit63.rte
  • idsldap.clt_max_crypto64bit63.rte
  • idsldap.cltbase63.adt
  • idsldap.cltbase63.rte
  • idsldap.clt32bit63.rte
  • idsldap.clt64bit63.rte
  • idsldap.cltbase63.rte