Installing the Linux Mobile Secure Print Feature Locally Using the Installer

To install the Linux Mobile Secure Print Feature on your InfoPrint Manager for Linux system:

  1. Log into the Linux system as root.
  2. Insert the InfoPrint Manager DVD, into your DVD-ROM drive.
  3. To install InfoPrint Manager server software or optional InfoPrint Manager for Linux features using the InfoPrint Manager for Linux Installer on the local Linux server, enter this command:

    The InfoPrint Installer begins by checking your configuration and might display some messages regarding system checks and verifications.

  4. The first screen displayed is the Installer’s language selection screen. Select the language that you want to use with InfoPrint Manager Installer. For more information about how to add additional languages, see Supporting languages in InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Getting Started.

    Click OK to proceed.

  5. The Installer displays the Introduction screen. You are advised to quit all other programs before continuing with the installation.

    Click the Next button to proceed to the next screen. If you want to change something on the previous screen, click the Previous button.

    You may cancel the installation at this time by clicking the Cancel button.

  6. Choose which type of license you want to use for your installation and then click Next.
    • If you choose to try the product, it will run in trial mode for the time period shown (60 days). Before the trial period is over, you must register the product to continue using it.
    • You can choose to register your product. There are two methods to register: automatically using an existing internet connection or manually using the self-service web site.
  7. Depending on the type of license chosen, the evaluation or the product license agreement displays. Read the license agreement, select I accept the terms of the License Agreement and then click Next.
  8. If you have chosen to register the product, the Registration screen displays. Choose a method to register and then click Next.
    1. If you chose to register automatically, the Automatic registration screen displays. Complete the required information and then click Next:
      Enter your user name.
      Enter the company name.
      E-mail address
      Enter your e-mail address.
      Entitlement ID
      The Entitlement ID is only used to identify what you purchased.
    2. You chose to register manually. The Product registration screen displays. Complete the entries and then click Next:
      Entitlement ID
      The Entitlement ID is only used to identify what you purchased.
      System fingerprint
      The system fingerprint is used for generating a license key, and it is automatically generated.
      Note: If the system fingerprint used for generating a license key is changed, the InfoPrint Manager software continues to run in grace mode for a period of 7 days. You must contact your local representative to receive a new license key before the period expires, otherwise the InfoPrint Manager software will stop running on this system when the grace period ends.
      License key
      Click Browse to select the folder where the license key was saved after you received it by e-mail or downloaded from the self-service web site.
  9. The Choose Install Type screen is displayed. Select InfoPrint Manager.
    • InfoPrint Manager: Selecting InfoPrint Manager installs or updates the base InfoPrint Manager software and allows Feature installation.
    • Add a Feature: Selecting Add a Feature allows you to add one or more Features to the InfoPrint Manager system.
    • Apply Service: Selecting Apply Service allows you to install the most recent service updates.

    Click Next to proceed.

    If you reinstall InfoPrint Manager, you are notified in the Reinstall screen that the InfoPrint Manager base server is already installed. You are required to install again all of the previously installed features. Click Next to reinstall InfoPrint Manager.

  10. In the next screen, enter the host name or IP address and port of the primary InfoPrint Manager server to be used by the Linux Mobile Secure Print feature. Click Next to proceed. If not known at the installation time, these values can be configured later.
  11. Enter the host name or IP address and port of the backup InfoPrint Manager server to be used by the Linux Mobile Secure Print Feature and click Next. If not known at the installation time, these values can be configured later.
  12. The Installer displays the Feature Dialog screen. Features add additional functions to InfoPrint Manager. Separate Feature DVD-ROMs might be required.

    Select Linux Mobile Secure Print and click Next.

  13. You are presented with a summary of your installation selections. If any of this information is incorrect, you can click the Previous button to return to the appropriate screen and correct the problem. When you click the Install button the Installer displays the message Installing InfoPrint Manager. Please wait... and the progress bar is displayed.
  14. The system must be restarted before the installation is complete. If you click Yes, restart my computer, the Linux system shuts down immediately without any message to other users that a shutdown will occur. If you click No, I will restart my computer later, you can advance to the next screen by clicking Next. In the Install Complete screen, click Done.

    Regardless of your selection, the InfoPrint Installer unmounts the DVD, which you can then remove from the DVD-ROM drive.