dynamic-destination-models (AIX or Linux only)

Identifies the descriptive printer model names that the AIX DSS (AIX) or CUPS DSS (Linux) dynamically recognizes by parsing the printer driver.

GUI label

Dynamic destination models


Non-settable, multi-valued

Allowed Values

InfoPrint Manager sets this attribute to a list of recognized AIX DSS or CUPS DSS printer models.

Default value


Usage Guidelines

InfoPrint Manager dynamically adds the descriptive destination model name retrieved from the colon file on AIX or PPD file on Linux each time a new model of AIX DSS or CUPS DSS destination is added to InfoPrint Manager.

This descriptive name can be used when creating additional actual destinations that use the same driver. The values are added to the drop-down list of the Add Printer Wizard for AIX DSS or CUPS DSS.

This attribute replaces on AIX the aix-destination-models attribute.