Identifies the form definition used when printing this document.

GUI label

Form definition


PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000


Resettable, single-valued, per-job

Allowed Values

You can enter a text string of up to 8 characters that contains the identification for this resource.

Default Value

No default value. If you omit this attribute or if it contains no value, and if InfoPrint does not create a form definition using the values of other document and job attributes, InfoPrint uses the form definition defined by the actual destination attribute form-definition.

Usage Guidelines

  • For PSF, if you specify a value for the document-finishing or job-finishing attribute, InfoPrint creates its own form definition. Do not specify a value for this attribute.
  • does not support inline form definitions in multi-document jobs. To print more than one PostScript document in a single job, configure the /usr/lpp/psf/ps2afp/ps2afpd.cfg file to include this line:
    device_controls = any
    and use this attribute to specify a form definition when you submit the job to print.
  • For InfoPrint 2000, you can specify job-finishing with or without a form definition. InfoPrint does not create a form definition for finishing on the InfoPrint 2000.
  • To drive UP3I devices with PSF, UP3Ii finishing must be specified in a form definition. For information about UP3I devices, see the InfoPrint Page Printer Formatting Aid: User's Guide.