Identifies the output device that this actual destination represents.

GUI label

Device or Windows port name (PSF Other-driver)

Windows port name (Passthrough DSSs)


Device (All other supported DSSs)


AIX, IPP, PSF Other-driver, Passthrough


Initially settable, single-valued

Allowed Values

For AIX DSS and PSF Other-driver DSS on AIX, you can enter a text string up to 255 characters long that contains the name (ID) of the output device that prints jobs assigned to this actual destination. The value can identify the path to the device name, commonly located in /dev directory (such as /dev/lp0), /var/slppol/lpd/stat/, or more generally, it is the name of an empty file used for controlling access to the device. InfoPrint Manager for AIX creates the empty file in /var/pd/servername/ for you if you do not specify one or if you do not specify an absolute path.

For Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) DSS, enter the URL for the IPP printer.

For Passthrough DSS and PSF Other-driver DSS on Windows, enter the Windows Port Name.

Default Value

No default value except when you use this with the AIX DSS or the PSF Other-driver DSS on AIX. For these two DSSs, InfoPrint Manager for AIX creates a unique value for you.

Usage Guidelines

  • On Windows, you must enter a value for this attribute when you create a PSF other-driver-attached actual destination or a Passthrough actual destination.
  • On Windows, the device name must be the name of a Windows port that has already been created.
  • If an AIX print queue has been configured for this actual destination, the device name appears in the /etc/qconfig file.
  • Do not specify a value for PSF TCP/IP-attached or upload-TCP/IP-attached destinations.When you are working with AIX DSS actual destinations, see “Creating and Managing Actual Destinations” in the InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Administrator's Guide for information about correcting the configuration of remote-queue printers that have device-name set to /dev/null.
  • When you are driving the same physical device with multiple AIX DSSs and PSF Other-driver DSSs on AIX, use the same device-name for the actual destinations since the device-name is what InfoPrint Manager uses to control access to the physical device.