Identifies the types of end sheets that this actual destination supports.

GUI label

End sheets allowed




Resettable, multi-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter any of these fixed values. For PSF only, you can enter a string up to 255 characters long that contains identifiers of auxiliary-sheet objects.

Fixed Value DSS Explanation
accounting-log PSF This value is technically valid, but should not be used for end sheets.
blank PSF The end sheet is blank.
brief AIX, CUPS, PSF

For AIX and PSF the end sheet style is brief.

For CUPS the end sheet style is standard.


For AIX and PSF the end sheet style is full.

For CUPS the end sheet style is standard.

job-ticket PSF The job ticket is printed on the end sheet.
none AIX, CUPS, PSF No end sheet prints.
64xx PSF The end sheet style is for the 64xx and 6500 printers.

Default Values

brief, full, none
brief, full, none
accounting-log, blank, brief, full, job-ticket, none, 64xx, and the names of other defined auxiliary sheets which have legal PSF auxiliary sheet attributes.

Usage Guidelines

  • PSF actual destinations can use auxiliary-sheet objects if they have valid psf-exit-xxx values. AIX actual destinations print start and end sheets, but they do not use auxiliary-sheet objects.
  • InfoPrint verifies that the value of the printer-end-sheet attribute is a value of this attribute.
  • You cannot delete a value from this attribute if the value you want to delete is the value of the printer-end-sheet attribute.
  • For PSF actual destinations, InfoPrint sets this value dynamically to the names of all defined auxiliary sheets with legal attributes. You should never have to reset this value.