Specifies the resolution, for PSF, Email and InfoPrint 2000 in pels and for CUPS in dpi, at which the printer device can print jobs.

GUI label

Resolutions allowed


CUPS, Email, InfoPrint 2000, PSF


Resettable, multi-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter any of these fixed values:

Fixed Value DSS
240 CUPS, Email, PSF
300 CUPS, Email, PSF
360 CUPS, Email, PSF
480 CUPS, Email, PSF
600 CUPS, Email, InfoPrint 2000, PSF
720 CUPS, Email, PSF
1200 CUPS, Email, PSF

The unit is pels for PSF, Email and InfoPrint 2000 and dpi for CUPS.

Default Values

1200, 240, 300, 360, 480, 600, 720
InfoPrint 2000
InfoPrint 5000 printer (command line): 720, 360

All other printers: none

PSF (basic and standard InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI)
1200, 240, 300, 360, 480, 600, 720

Usage Guidelines

  • For explanations on the attribute values, see the job attribute default-printer-resolution.
  • This attribute applies only for printing image data. It has no effect on font resolutions.
  • See the printer device documentation for information about the resolution you should specify.
  • If you specify a resolution that the printer device does not support, jobs will still print under most conditions. However, you might see poor printed results.
  • You can use this attribute to restrict use of this actual destination.
  • The InfoPrint 5000 series printers only support 360 and 720 resolutions. All other printer models do not support these resolutions.