Indicates whether the printer device prints on one or two sides of the media.

GUI label

Sides to print


CUPS, PSF, InfoPrint 2000, Passthrough


Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter an integer value of 1 or 2.

Default Values

InfoPrint 2000

Usage Guidelines

  • The value of the sides attribute must be one of the values of the sides-supported attribute.
  • This attribute is valid for ASCII documents in a job only if it is not changed between documents in the job.
  • InfoPrint uses sides specifications in this order:
    1. The sides document attribute unless you specify different values for this attribute for each document in a job and also specify a value for the form-definition document attribute. In that case, InfoPrint ignores the sides document attribute.
    2. The sides specification in the document or default document form definition.
    3. The sides specification in the actual destination form definition.
    4. The sides actual destination attribute.
    Note: Because all supplied form definitions contain a sides specification, the sides actual destination attribute is used only with custom form definitions that do not contain a sides specification.
  • When working with the IPP or Passthrough DSSs, set the sides attribute to the default duplexing value set on the printer.
  • When using the reverse-page-order attribute for actual destination or document, the value of the sides attribute determines which formdef is used, either simplex or duplex.