Contains object classes that cannot be listed at this time. The main purpose of this attribute is to prevent querying of jobs when a memory constrained situation exists. When a memory constrained situation exists, it is often caused by a large backlog of jobs and querying all of them can make the memory problem much worse and could possibly cause the server to crash if there is not enough memory to bring all the jobs into memory and build the query response.

GUI label

Queries to prevent


Resettable, multi-valued

Allowed Values

Object classes that can be specified on this attribute are restricted to the fixed values associated with the object-classes-supported server attribute as follows:

  • auxiliary-sheet
  • destination
  • document
  • initial-value-document
  • initial-value-job
  • job
  • log
  • medium
  • queue
  • resource-context
  • server

Default Value

No default value

Usage Guidelines

You usually use the disallowed-list-object-classes attribute to disallow listing jobs (by adding the job value) by the upper-memory-usage-exit script, and then allow it again (by removing the job value) by the lower-memory-usage-exit script.