Adding electronic forms, logos, and electronic signatures to text documents

The Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) data stream that emerges from the InfoPrint SAP transform contains text records that you can enhance through the addition of electronic forms, logos, and electronic signatures. In addition to the AFP resources, the InfoPrint Manager SAP transform has been enhanced to support both raw image data (bitmap images) and box shading. The expanded support for different levels of box shading and the print images that SAP R/3 users have come to expect and appreciate provides a strong, industry standard for printing from SAP R/3. Print SAP color images in black and white, using the native Output Text Format (OTF) data stream in either one-, four-, or eight-bit pixel images: InfoPrint Manager can handle it all. And InfoPrint Manager's globalization enablement supports the these scripts:

  • Latin
  • Japanese (Shift-JIS encoding)
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Cyrillic

Even if you are printing on PCL and PPDS non-impact printers, the SAP Print Feature provides benefit by allowing you to print bar codes without installing expensive bar code SIMMs on each printer. InfoPrint Manager allows a world-class set of business application modules designed for a client-server environment the ability to achieve world-class printing.