Configuring the InfoPrint Manager Windows server

The rshd and rexecd services are prerequisites for HP-UX, Linux, and Sun Solaris SAP client support.

Use this procedure to configure the Windows server that has already installed InfoPrint Manager with the SAP Print Feature:

  1. Install both an rshd and rexecd service on your InfoPrint Manager Windows server.

    Note: During the installation of these services, make sure that remote users are defined users on the InfoPrint Manager for Windows system so that it is possible to write to this server from the Windows SAP client system.

  2. From the Start menu, access the ProgramsAdministrative ToolsUser Manager path.
  3. Create a new user named sapuser.
    Note: This user does not have to be part of any special groups.
  4. Authorize the sapuser userid to issue remote commands by adding this entry to the .rhosts or equivalent file: +sapuser.
  5. Authorize all remote servers running the SAP R/3 applications to specify remote commands on the InfoPrint Manager Windows server by specifying:
    fully_qualified_server_name + 
    where fully_qualified_server_name is either the IP address (in dotted decimal format) or the host name of the server.
    1. If you use a host name, TCP/IP must be able to resolve that name through either the security file or through a Domain Name Server (DNS).
    2. If a DNS is not being used, but the host name is specified in the hosts file, specify the fully qualified name in the .rhosts or equivalent file.
    3. If a DNS is not being used, and the host name is not specified in the hosts file, you must specify an IP address in the .rhosts or equivalent file (for example, +).

For added accountability among SAP systems and print jobs, you can create separate Windows users for each SAP system or SAP R/3 application server. Repeat Steps through to create new user IDs that you can map to each SAP application server from which you plan to use InfoPrint Manager to print.