Shutting down the callback process on Windows

This procedure describes how you can shut down the SAP callback process. This procedure is useful if you are migrating the SAP callback daemon from one InfoPrint Manager server to another or if the SAP R/3 system it supports is not going to be used for awhile.

To shut down the SAP callback process on an InfoPrint Manager Windows server, you must access the SAP Callback Processes from the InfoPrint Manager Management Console.

  1. From the Start menu, select ProgramsInfoPrint ManagerManagement Console.
  2. From the Objects view in the left pane of this window, click on SAP Callback Processes to switch the main view to SAP Callback Processes.
  3. Select the particular SAP Callback Process you want to stop from those shown in the main view. You can do either one of these options:
    • Right-click and select Stop SAP Callback.
    • From the menu bar, select ActionsStop.

If you are moving the SAP callback process to another system, remember to follow the instructions for Starting the SAP callback process on Windows.