Configuring InfoPrint Manager to use the InfoPrint 2000 model MS1 (non-AFCCU)

The InfoPrint 2000 printer is a multi-purpose solution designed for a multiplicity of users. Whether you require the speed and precision of an Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) printer, or the print quality of a PostScript or PCL commercial printer with finishing capabilities, the InfoPrint 2000 can meet your needs.

Before you can use an InfoPrint 2000 printer, it is important to make sure that your Ricoh Customer Support Specialist has both created a local account and added a local user. If these basic configuration tasks have not been done on the InfoPrint 2000 printer, you will not be able to use it with InfoPrint Manager.

In order to submit print jobs to the InfoPrint 2000, you must use the appropriate destination support system (DSS). If you are using the InfoPrint 2000 AFP printer, then you should use the PSF DSS. If you are using the standard InfoPrint 2000 printer, then you must use the IP2000 DSS, (specified as IP2000 on the command line):

pdcreate -c destination \
-x destination-model=Infoprint2000 \
-x device-support-system=ip2000 \
-x attachment-type=tcpip \
-x destination-realization=actual \
-x destination-tcpip-internet-address= \
-x associated-queue=servername-default-queue \

Review the following three topics before trying to use the InfoPrint 2000 printer.