Creating a custom step (transform) object to copy to a file without printing

To define a data stream transform object from the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI that takes an AFP input file and copies it to a file location on the hard drive without printing the output, use this procedure:
  1. Start the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI.
  2. Click the Server menu, and select Transform → Create.
  3. In the Create Transform dialog, fill in the fields as shown in the following figures, depending upon your operating system. These values create a transform that copies AFP input data to an \afp folder on a specific drive on Windows or a /usr/samp file system on AIX. Also, it names the transformed file with the name of the original file name because of the %n substitution variable.
  4. Since you do not want the job to be printed, select the Transform only radio button to indicate that this transform is a terminating transform.
  5. Click OK.
    InfoPrint Manager creates a transform object under the name you provided in the Name field so that you can see its values by selecting Transform → Properties from the Servers menu.