Enabling SNMP on an InfoPrint 2000 for AFP printing

  1. On the display/touch screen on the touch screen/printer console, open the Printer definition pull-down menu.
  2. Select Remote Access.
  3. On the SNMP tab:
    • Select the Enable SNMP Agent and Allow SNMP to configure the printer check boxes.
    • In the Communities list, touch the name of the community you will be using to access the printer and verify the settings. Make sure that the community has Write access to the printer.
  4. Touch OK to close the window.
  5. On the main screen of the console, make sure that the attachment type you will be using is enabled.
  6. If you changed the Enable SNMP Agent or the Allow SNMP to configure the printer setting, shut down and restart the printer to make the changes take effect.
  7. Disable the printer and enable it again to refresh the printer configuration information in the server.
    1. Start the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI.
    2. In the GUI, find the InfoPrint Manager printer (actual destination) that corresponds to this printer and select it.
    3. Use the GUI to disable the printer.
    4. Use the GUI to enable the printer again.