Invoking Send and Save from the command line

If you are sending a job to a printer that supports Send and Save functions (and it is not already specified in the data stream), you can specify it from the command line. Send and Save is invoked by using the -S flag and you can select from these options:

-S flag options

Option Job Type Description
0 Normal Print [default] Prints the job immediately.
1 Sample Print Prints one copy of job and saves the job in the Sample Print Job list.
2 Locked Print Holds the job until you enter your PIN.

Ensure that you set your Personal Identification Number (PIN) by specifying -S2 -ynnnn. The PIN is the number you need to enter on your printer's Saved Jobs menu to release the document for printing. If you do not fill in the nnnn with your PIN, the printer forces this number to 0000.