Matching media on the printer

Before you can send jobs to the InfoPrint 2000 printer, you must make sure that the media supported by the printer corresponds to the media specified by InfoPrint Manager. You must:
  1. Make sure media objects are defined for each media you will be using on the printer.
  2. Tell InfoPrint Manager what media is ready at the printer.
The InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface window shows a highlighted InfoPrint 2000 printer defined in the Queues pane under Printers. By selecting the Printers drop-down menu and selecting the Properties... option, you can open the Printer Properties window. Then click Media/Bins/Trays to see the media attributes signified by letter.

If you are using a non-AFCCU InfoPrint 2000 printer, the medium-type, medium-weight, medium-size, and medium-color values specified in the Printer Properties window must exactly match the values for type, size, and color that are specified on the InfoPrint 2000 printer: To do this task, you must check the InfoPrint 2000 Paper Catalog and make sure it is mapped to the InfoPrint Manager media. If you need to add a media object that is not yet defined, see Configuring media.