Modifying the FGID and CPGID GRID files

You can add new entries to map your GRID data to the resident fonts in your printer by modifying either the fgid.grd.sample file or the cpgid.grd.sample file. If you have a printer that does not support the outline font technology (such as the InfoPrint 3835 Advanced Function Printer), We recommend that you map all the CZnnnn entries to raster font character-set names. If you do not create this mapping, InfoPrint issues an error message and does not print the job.

For example, if you wanted to map the Times New Roman Latin 1 character set to the raster version, you would do these steps:

  1. From theAIX command line, change to the /var/psf/PrinterName directory, where PrinterName is the name of the InfoPrint physical printer representing the printer device.
  2. Create the fgid.grd file from the fgid.grd.sample file. Enter the command:
    cp /usr/lpp/psf/grd/fgid.grd.sample fgid.grd
  3. Using an AIX editor, edit the file that you just created and copy this line:
    2308    2039  *   *   CZN200      # Times New Roman Latin1
  4. Change the entry in the FCS name column to CON20000.
    2308    2039  *   *   CON20000    # Raster version of TNR Latin 1
  5. Save your changes and close the file.

After this substitution, InfoPrint prints jobs that specify the font character-set name CZN200 and that processed on the physical printer for which you made the change using the raster version of the font. The CZN200 character set now maps to:

  • An FGID of 2308
  • A GCSGID of 2039
  • A vertical size of 65535
  • A width of 0

Note: For more information about the different values available for font character sets and code pages, see "IBM Font Interchange Information" in InfoPrint Data Stream and Object Architectures Mixed Object Document Content Architecture Reference.

Because the InfoPrint 3835 Advanced Function Printer does not support any resident outline fonts, the fgid.grd.sample file maps the FGID and the GCSGID back to the C0N20000 character set. Then, InfoPrint searches the resource library search path to locate the C0N20000 character for downloading with the job.

To modify the cpgid file so that the personal computer ASCII code page for Iceland maps to the multilingual code page for ASCII data as described in Modifying the charset and codepage GRID files, do these steps:

  1. Fro