Submitting jobs to the InfoPrint 2000 printer

The InfoPrint 2000 DSS lets you submit jobs in two ways: Passthru Mode or InfoPrint Mode.

If you will be submitting AFP jobs to the InfoPrint 2000, we recommend that you set the dss-job-message-disposition actual device attribute to log so that all job error messages are sent to the /var/psf/DestinationName/jobmessage.log file, instead of printing out at the end of the job. When you use the jobmessage.log file, remember to look in the file when a job fails to print.

You can modify this attribute from the AIX command line as follows:

pdset -cp -x "dss-job-message-disposition=log" ip2000
where ip2000 is the name of your actual destination for the InfoPrint 2000 printer.