If an AIX DSS printer is not waiting long enough to show a successfully-printed job in the Job Management Information Base (MIB), you can configure settings on the actual destination so it does not time out. First, make sure that the wait-for-job-completion attribute (Report job completed when printed field on the Job tab of the Printer Properties notebook) is set to Yes. Then, you can use the following procedure to set wait-for-job-completion-snmp-timeout (Report job completed when printed timeout (sec) field on SNMP tab of the Printer Properties notebook) so that it will not time out as quickly.
  1. From the main window of the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI, select the InfoPrint 2090ES, InfoPrint 2105ES, InfoPrint 2060ES, InfoPrint 2075ES, InfoPrint 2085, or InfoPrint 2105 actual destination.
  2. Click Printer → Properties.
  3. Click the SNMP tab.
  4. Enter a higher value in the Report job completed when printed timeout (sec) field.
  5. Click OK or Apply.
Note: Increasing this value will increase the amount of time it takes to report that a job has failed. If you decrease this value, you might get false failures.