Using the mvsprsd command to start the daemon

To start the mvsprsd daemon whenever the InfoPrint system starts, you can include the mvsprsd command in either the /etc/rc or the /etc/inittab file. Both files execute when the operating system is initialized. The /etc/inittab file has an entry for another file called /etc/rc. This shell script (/etc/rc) performs normal startup initialization for the system; its contents are installation-specific. Because this file is not usually replaced when a new release of the operating system is installed (unlike /etc/inittab), you can use it to start the mvsprsd daemon. One can edit the /etc/rc to call and execute another shell script called /etc/rc.local if it exists.

Use this procedure to start the mvsprsd daemon when the system starts:

  1. Use a text editor to open the /etc/rc file and find these lines:
    # Manufacturing post install process
    # This must be at the end of this file, /etc/rc.
    if [ -x /etc/mfg/rc.preload ]
  2. Insert these lines just before the code example provided in the preceding step:
     if [ -s /etc/rc.local ]
    	sh /etc/rc.local
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Use a text editor to open the /etc/rc.local file. If this file does not exist on your system, you must create it as root.
  5. Add lines similar to these to this file:
    # This is a comment to document that the following command
    # starts the mvsprsd daemon automatically at system startup
    /usr/lpp/psf/bin/mvsprsd -p 5400 -d /files1 -d /files2 \
    -x /usr/lpp/pd/bin/ -q serv2-lp
    Note that this example uses the default shell script ( and specifies the serv2–lp InfoPrint Manager server.
  6. Save and close the file.
If the daemon stops for some reason or you want to restart it using different start-up options, you can use the InfoPrint mvsprsd command to start the InfoPrint mvsprsd daemon. With the command, you specify a file system in which to store downloaded data sets, a shell script name, a logical printer name, and whether print-option information is stored in a file. You start the daemon on the server that has InfoPrint Manager installed. Once the mvsprsd daemon is operational, you can use Download for z/OS to submit a job toInfoPrint Manager where the InfoPrint Manager MVS Download Receiver shell script translates the JCL keywords and values to InfoPrint Manager attributes and values and issues a pdpr command.

For the syntax and flags of the mvsprsd command, and for examples of its use, see InfoPrint Manager: Reference or the mvsprsd man page.

Note: Only a person with root user authority or the InfoPrint Manager user can run this command.