Creating the mapped drive to the AIX namespace that allows interoperability on Windows

From each InfoPrint Windows server, you must verify that you have access to the namespace on the InfoPrintAIX server. You can perform this action by mapping a network drive, using the default user ipm1, from the Windows server to shared namespace on the InfoPrint AIX server.
  1. From the main Windows view, right-click the My Network Places icon, select Map Network Drive. In the dialog, use the Folder field to specify:

    Where aix_servername is the name of the InfoPrint AIX server.

  2. Check the Reconnect at Login check box.
  3. Click on the Connect Using Different User Name link.
  4. A dialog box will open asking for a username and password associated with ipm1. Specify the ipm1 password from the Samba server.
  5. Click OK when the window opens.
  6. Click Yes to accept the current login.
    If the drive mapped correctly, a new window should open to the mapped drive's contents, and Map Network Drive windows should be gone.
  7. Click Finish to map the drive.
Note: Do not follow steps 2 through 6 when logged as ipm1 user. Map the network drive manually before starting InfoPrint Manager Management Console when logged as ipm1 user.

Set the drive letter for this network drive as specified in step 4, in the Configuring interoperability on the InfoPrint Windows servers section.

The password for the ipm1 Windows user must be the same as the password for the ipm1 SAMBA user.