Using the InfoPrint Manager macOS X client

The InfoPrint Manager macOS X client enables users of macOS Xto issue InfoPrint Manager commands over a TCP/IP-connected network to an InfoPrint Manager server. Using a UNIX command line or shell script, you can issue a variety of commands to the InfoPrint server. The macOS client supports files larger than 2 GB in size.

To install the macOS X client on a macOS X machine, you can use the InfoPrint Manager: Common Clients DVD-ROM, LCD4-5642.

Access to the InfoPrint Manager server and to the InfoPrint Manager commands is controlled on the system where the server is installed. For information about providing access, see InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Procedures .

Note: For the latest information about installing the InfoPrint Manager macOS X client, consult the installation procedures on the InfoPrint Manager site at:

If you are using the non-LDAP InfoPrint Manager Os X client in a PAM/SSO environment, the LDAP user taken from the LDAP(PAM)/Active Directory system authentication session is used for the IPM user-related attributes.