Using the InfoPrint Manager Sun Solaris client

The InfoPrint Manager Sun Solaris client enables users of SunOS to issue InfoPrint commands over a TCP/IP-connected network to an InfoPrint Manager server. Using a UNIX command line or shell script, you can query server, printer, and print job status; change the state of a server, printer, or print job; create, delete, or reorder a print job on the server. The Sun Solaris client supports files larger than 2 GB in size.

To install the InfoPrint Manager Sun Solaris client, you can use the InfoPrint Manager: Common Clients DVD-ROM, LCD4-5642.

Access to the InfoPrint Manager server and to the InfoPrint Manager commands is controlled on the system where the server is installed. For information about providing access, see InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Procedures.

Note: For the latest information about installing the InfoPrint Manager Sun Solaris client, consult the installation procedures on either the InfoPrint Manager for AIX site, InfoPrint Manager for Linux site or the InfoPrint Manager for Windows site, all at
Important: The InfoPrint Manager HP-UX client only supports FST security. If you are using the HP-UX client in a PAM/SSO environment, it does not use the LDAP login.