Tips for images

To optimize the performance of your AFP color printing system, we recommend that you follow some guidelines for creating and including images in print jobs.

When you want to use color images in your print jobs:

  • Get the original electronic versions of images instead of scanning existing documents.

    Almost unnoticeable specks of color in the background of images that have been scanned can greatly increase the size of the image. If you must scan an image, use an image editing tool to clean up the background as much as possible.

  • Save all images in the same standard color space so you only need one input profile for all of them.

    Adobe RGB (1998) is the recommended color space for images that are to be printed.

  • Flatten multi-layer images (such as the ones you can create in graphics tools like Adobe Illustrator and Corel Paint Shop Pro) before including them in print jobs.

    Unflattened images are extremely large and more difficult to work with. Save a copy of the original image for future editing, but flatten the version that you include in your print job.