Configuring the InfoPrint Manager software server

To install software on remote systems, you must first create an InfoPrint Manager software server.

The mk_ip_remote script located on the InfoPrint Manager for Linux Base Server DVD-ROM, LCD2-20035–00, creates the software server for you automatically. The newest version of this script will be located on the most recent Service DVD-ROM. Always use the newest version of the mk_ip_remote script that is available.

  1. To run this script:
    1. Determine the name of the DVD mount point, enter:

      ls /media/*

      Make sure that the InfoPrint Manager DVD-ROM is inserted in the DVD-ROM drive and that the drive is mounted to /media/cdrom.

      If you have an InfoPrint Manager Service DVD-ROM, you should insert the Service DVD-ROM first, and follow the directions below.

    2. Mount the DVD, if necessary. Enter:

      mount /dev/cdrom /media/<mount_point>

    3. If you would like to see the options that are available with this script, enter this command: /cdrom/mk_ip_remote -h.
    4. Copy the script to the temporary directory on the Linux system by entering:cp /cdrom/mk_ip_remote /tmp. Do not run the script from the DVD-ROM.
    5. Run the script by entering: /tmp/mk_ip_remote, and follow the instructions on the screen. The script will copy all of the files necessary for InfoPrint Manager to the /ip_remote directory, unless other options were specified.

      To install from tar files you have to create tar files from the ISO images of the base server and features you have. Modify the mk_ip_remote script to list the base, features, and service names of your tar file and then run the script with the -t parameter.

      Here are the contents of a modified mk_ip_remote file:

      # If you are using tar files, edit the following list to update the
      # names of the tar files, as appropriate. Make SURE that the name of
      # the APAR tar file is the LAST one in the list.
           base_cd.tar \
           hispeed_cd.tar \
           medspeed_cd.tar \
           wrkgrp_cd.tar \
           u805636s.tar \

      When you are asked Do you have any additional feature cds? insert a feature DVD-ROM, type y, and press Enter. Otherwise, type n and press Enter.

    After mk_ip_remote completes successfully, you will have a directory called /ip_remote that can easily be made accessible to all of the systems in your network through the Network File System (NFS).

  2. When the InfoPrint Manager software server is in place, root users on remote systems can mount /ip_remote as an NFS file system. Once mounted, the InfoPrint Manager software can be pushed or pulled from the server.