Installing the software on a Linux system

Log in to the Linux system as root.
The InfoPrint Notification client is installed on all InfoPrint Linux servers with the InfoPrint Manager for Linux Base Server, LCD2-20035.
Note: If you are using the InfoPrint Manager Notifications client to receive notifications from a InfoPrint Manager Linux server, you must start the client from the system that it is installed on. You cannot telnet into the Linux system where the notification client is installed from another system and try to start the Notification client.

To install the InfoPrint Notification client on a Linux system where you have not installed the InfoPrint server:

mount /dev/cdrom /media/<mount_point>

  1. Type cd/media/<mount_point>/linux
  2. To install the Java required by the Operations and Administration Interface on Linux, enter: rpm -i ipr-base-java-4.9.m-n.x86_64.rpm, where m and n represent the service update level.
  3. To install the Notification Client on Linux, enter:rpm -i ipr-base-notifyclient-4.9.m-n.x86_64.rpm , where m and n represent the service update level.
  4. Unmount the media /<mount_point>/ file system.
  5. Remove the Common Client DVD-ROM.