Using the InfoPrint Manager Management Interface (IPMMI)

You use the IPMMI administrator’s interface to perform both configuration and system management tasks, including those cited in the following list.

Note: This list is not all inclusive; the miscellaneous configuration tasks and InfoPrint Utilities each contain additional tasks.
  • Create New or Start/Stop existing pdservers
  • Create New or Start/Stop existing IPP Gateway services
  • Create New or Start/Stop existing MVS Download daemons
  • Create New or Start/Stop existing SAP Callback daemons
  • Start/Stop the Web Server
  • Add or change the Pull Print Feature settings
  • Configure the Pull Print Feature settings
  • Start/Stop the LPD daemon
  • View server logs
  • Control ACL Security for Objects, Operations, Users or Groups
  • Start the InfoPrint Manager Administrator GUI
  • Enable/Disable LDAP security
  • Configure LDAP security
  • Clear LDAP cache
  • Configuring the startup of service
  • Creating the Links form Primary to Secondary and vice-a-versa for interoperating InfoPrint Manager servers
  • Printing a test job
  • Controlling server, destination and MVS Download tracing
  • Capturing service information
  • Reset server communication
  • Control server tracing
  • Control destination tracing
  • Control MVS Download tracing
  • Export configuration
  • Import configuration
  • Clear LDAP cache
  • Cleanup leftover Input Manager files
  • Remove unassociated pdpr files

Use the information in this section as a reference for accessing specific panels in the interface. Use the online help provided with the interface for instructions and information about performing specific tasks.