Submitting Print Jobs from a non-UNIX System with the InfoPrint Manager (lprafp) LPR Client

When you submit print jobs from the InfoPrint Manager LPR client on a non UNIX system, all you need to specify is the InfoPrint Manager server and the name of an InfoPrint destination (either logical or actual). The InfoPrint LPD submits the job to the InfoPrint print spool. If you enter the LPR shell script with the -A flag, it invokes the lprafp command program (lprafp.c), which is documented in RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference. If you enter the LPR shell script without the -A flag, it invokes the UNIX system's LP command, which does not support the InfoPrint -o options.

For Linux operating system clients, the lprafp sample code package is available for free download at LPRAFP with Infoprint Server for z/OS.

When you submit jobs to the InfoPrint Manager LPD, it uses a mapping file to match the keywords you specify on the -o option with InfoPrint attributes. A sample mapping file comes with InfoPrint Manager for Windows; before you submit any print jobs to the InfoPrint Manager LPD, you should modify this file to meet your needs.

To modify the mapping file:

  1. Open the file /var/pd/lpd/lpdmap.txt.
  2. Read all of the instructions in the mapping file before you make any changes.
  3. Edit the mappings as necessary and save the file using the same name.

Because all LPRclients use different keywords, it is impossible to list them all. The mappings listed are "best guess" mappings and might not generate the results you need. The best way to see what values you need to add or change is to uncomment the line that reads: * DEBUG and save the file. (To uncomment the line, delete the *.) Submit a print job through the LPD and check the output. If the job fails or if it prints incorrectly, check the error messages in the server log in the Management Console. Use them to help determine which keywords are missing or mapped incorrectly. When you are finished, be sure to open the mapping file and comment the DEBUG line out again.