Setting up the primary server

  1. Complete the installation of the primary InfoPrint server using the most recent Service DVD-ROM.
  2. Complete the following configuration procedure on the primary InfoPrint server:

    Invoke the InfoPrint Manager Management Interface by starting startipmmi command from a terminal window or click Management Interface icon on your desktop or menu:

    • Select Link from Primary Server to Secondary Server.
    • Provide the information about your secondary system as prompted.

    Or use the command-line script:

    1. Open a terminal window.
    2. Run the command: cd /usr/lpp/pd/install
    3. To configure the secondary servers via NFS, you need to link from the Primary Server to Secondary Server using the following command:

      ./ [-h secondary_hostname] -c -[r|t]


      • h secondary_hostname specifies the Secondary Server Host Name
      • c specifies that /ipdata is needed
      • r|t where r specifies to retain secondary servers previously defines, while t does not retain secondary server previous data
      Important: If the /ipdata file system was not allocated on the primary server, you must perform the necessary steps to make /ipdata accessible to all InfoPrint servers before proceeding. This is necessary, for example, if you have elected to use a PC to store shared information instead of your primary server.