Using a PSF for z/OS or OS/390 defined printer

InfoPrint Manager for Linux provides the ability to upload AFP jobs to the JES spool through a TCP/IP communications link. Jobs can be submitted to InfoPrint Manager using any of the methods described in Using an InfoPrint Manager actual destination. When the jobs are directed to a PSF Upload actual destination, the jobs are placed on the JES spool with existing host print jobs. Final control of the print jobs is performed on the z/OS or OS/390 system. You use the InfoPrint Manager system to control jobs that it sends to the z/OS or OS/390 system.

When you upload jobs to the JES spool, these apply:

  • There is a single point of control and auditing for all jobs printed. An z/OS or OS/390 interface can be used to determine all pending jobs for the printer.
  • There is automated job prioritization between jobs.
  • There is a single point of failure.