Specifies the maximum amount of time between jobs, in seconds, before InfoPrint gives up control of a PSF actual destination.

GUI label

Release time (sec)




Resettable, single-valued

Input Synonym

You can use the synonym printer-release-timer.

Allowed Values

You can enter an integer from 0 through 9999. The unit value is seconds.

Default Value


Usage Guidelines

  • The destination-release-timer allows InfoPrint to share an output device with a print manager. Specify a value of 9999 if the output device is not shared.
  • The destination-release-timer allows time for all processes to stop running gracefully as InfoPrint gives up control of the attached PSF actual destination.
  • If the non-process-runout-timer attribute has a greater value than the destination-release-timer attribute, InfoPrint issues an automatic NPRO. However, it is recommended that you set non-process-runout-timer to a lower value than destination-release-timer.