Verifying the InfoPrint Manager for Windows LPD service is started

To submit jobs to InfoPrint Manager through the LPD service, the InfoPrint Manager LPD service that comes with InfoPrint Manager for Windows must be active. Note that this service is different from the LPD Windows service that comes with the base operating system. Use this procedure to verify that the service is started on your InfoPrint Manager Windows server, and if necessary, to activate the InfoPrint Manager LPD service:

  1. From the Start menu, select Programs → InfoPrint Manager → Management Console.
  2. Click File→ Stop Server.
  3. Access the Edit → Service Configuration... path.
  4. From the Service Configuration window, make sure that the Run InfoPrint Manager LPD service check box has been checked. Press OK to save this change.
  5. Click File →Start Server.
  6. Exit the InfoPrint Manager Management Console.