Configuring interoperability on the InfoPrint Windows servers

Make sure that you complete this procedure on all InfoPrint Windows servers.

On all Windows servers, do these steps:

  1. From the Start menu, click Programs → InfoPrint Manager → Management Console.
  2. Click Edit → Service Configuration.
  3. In the Settings group box, clear both the Run notification server on this system and Run InfoPrint Manager LPD service check boxes.
    Note: A notification server was installed with each of your InfoPrint Manager servers. However, now that the namespace is shared, you only need to run one of them . The notification server must be run on the namespace server. Disable all but one of the InfoPrint Manager Notification servers.
  4. Clear the Base namespace path field and type the drive letter that you want to use to link to the namespace followed by a colon (for example, type x:). Use the same drive letter that you used when mapping the network drive.
  5. In the Remote namespace folder field, enter the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) name of the shared directory on the namespace server in this format: \\namespaceserver\sharename. The sharename of the namespace on anLinux server is default_cell. For this example, \\prince\var\pddir\default_cell .
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart all of the InfoPrint Manager servers by selecting File → Start Server on each Management Console.
  8. Verify that all of the servers are now sharing the namespace.
    • Log on to any one of the machines that holds an InfoPrint Manager server, open a command prompt.
    • Start the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface.
    • Click Server → Show All Servers.

    You should see a list of all of the servers that are using the namespace. If any of them do not appear, stop the servers and check the settings that you changed in step 2 for that server.