Creating a new job ticket

In this example, you will create a new job ticket named MyJob.jtk. You adjust color attributes and then submit the job.
Note: When you use InfoPrint Submit Express to send a job to the printer, you do not need to have previously created a form definition. If you have a form definition it overrides the attributes you specify in InfoPrint Submit Express.
  1. Start InfoPrint Submit Express. The Job Ticket window displays.
  2. Fill in all the fields with appropriate information.
  3. Insert the files into your job ticket that you want to include in the job. Click Help → Help... if you have questions.
    To insert new files into the document, click Item → Insert File on the menu bar. The Select files dialog box displays. Choose the file(s) you want to add to the document from the Select files dialog box and click Select.
  4. From the Print tab, select InfoPrint 5000 from the Printer type drop-down list and specify the layout you want in the Layout field.
  5. Specify page alignment on the Align tab.
    Note: You must specify the same page size and orientation at the printer as you do in the job, otherwise the page size and orientation specified in the printer will override that specified in the job.
  6. Choose the values for the color attributes on the Look tab. You can use these attributes in InfoPrint Submit Express:
    • Color rendering intent
    • Color profile
    • Color bits per plane
    • Color toner saver

    See Using and changing color and resource attributes for details on when and how to use these attributes.

  7. Click Advanced, find RIP for, and select InfoPrint 5000 from the drop-down list.
  8. Save the job ticket by clicking Ticket → Save As....
  9. Submit the job by clicking Ticket → Submit Job.
See RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Getting Started, the Using InfoPrint Submit Express Client section, or the latest available version in the RICOH Software Information Center at