InfoPrint default auxiliary-sheet objects

InfoPrint Manager provides default auxiliary-sheet objects which it creates when you first create a server. InfoPrint Manager automatically identifies these as supported values for PSF actual destinations. The default auxiliary-sheet objects with their associated user-exit programs and form definitions are shown in the next table.

Default auxiliary sheet objects

Auxiliary sheet object Form definition Description User exit program Additional Information
none n/a InfoPrint generates no auxiliary sheet. n/a n/a
brief F1A10110 Start sheet ainuxhdr  
Separator sheet ainuxsep  
End sheet ainuxtlr  
Accounting exit ainuxacc  
Audit exit ainuxaud  
full F1A10110 Start sheet ainuxhdr2  
Separator sheet ainuxsep2  
End sheet ainuxtlr2  
Accounting exit ainuxacc2  
Audit exit ainuxaud2  
blank F1A10110 Start sheet pduxblkh Blank sheet of paper
Separator sheet pduxblks
End sheet pduxblkt
accounting- log n/a Accounting exit ainacclog Writes accounting information to the /var/psf/ accounting.log file. Does not produce a printed sheet.
Audit exit ainaudlog Writes audit information to the /var/psf/ audit.log file. Does not produce a printed sheet.
Post-print accounting exit ainuxjob completion Writes post-print accounting information to the /var/psf/ jobcompletion.log file if the auxiliary sheet object's psf-post-print-accounting-program-name is set to ainuxjobcompletion. Does not produce a printed sheet.