Using the InfoPrint Manager System Migration Utility (ISMU)

You use the InfoPrint System Migration Utility (ISMU) for backing up, restoring, or migrating your InfoPrint Manager environment. This utility is based on the existing server archive functionality, and it backs up your current configuration from a specific level of InfoPrint Manager and restores it on the same or different InfoPrint Manager environment.

Using this utility, you can back up any level of your InfoPrint Manager environment.

When using this utility for restoring purposes, we recommended that you have the InfoPrint Manager and the backup archive at the same level. If they are not at the same level and you proceed with the restoration or migration process, two warning messages are displayed, stating that you are not on the same level and the results might be unpredictable. This still enables you to run the backup or restore process at slightly different levels (for example x.2.0.255 versus x.2.0.256).

If you need to perform a migration between different levels of InfoPrint Manager, follow these steps:

  • Perform the backup and restore required operations, as documented in the appropriateInfoPrint Manager: Procedures for your operating system.
  • If necessary, upgrade InfoPrint Manager to the required level.

  • The ISMU utility was not intended to perform crossover migrations, such as migrating the AIX or Linux environment to the Windows environment and backwards. However, migrating objects that are supported commonly across platforms will work, but it will not successfully migrate platform specific objects (e.g. AIX DSS to Linux or Windows).
  • You can run the ISMU utility directly from the InfoPrint Manager Management interface.
  • Only a person with root user authority or the InfoPrint Manage user can run this command.