Procedure for installing multiple data set support with AFP Download Plus

Use this procedure to install the AFP Download Plus multiple data set set support:
  1. Install AFP Download Plus with APAR OA15317. To enable the multiple data set function, set the dataset-grouping parameter in the control statement data set to Yes. For more information about installing AFP Download Plus, see the "Installing AFP Download Plus" chapter in Print Service Facility for z/OS: AFP Download Plus, S550-0433. Using the Download for z/OS exit 15 program to enable multiple data set on AFP Download Plus is not supported.
  2. Because the sample shell script has been updated, you must update any customized versions of this shell script. Specify the name of the shell script using the "-x" option when you start the mvsprsd daemon:
    mvsprsd -n 1 -qlp -p6250 -d/mvsdl -x/mvsdl/
  3. When the mvsprsd daemon is started, make sure that the PATH environment variable includes the /usr/lpp/psf/bin directory. You can set default values for environment variables like PATH using the /etc/profile.d/ file:
    You must delimit each directory using a colon (:), not a semi-colon (;). Do not include spaces in the assignment. A period designates the current directory.
  4. Do not specify these attributes either directly or in Initial Value Job or Initial Value Document objects:
    • transform-message-file-name
    • resource-context-page-definition
    You can use the resource-context attribute instead of the resource-context-page-definition attribute.
  5. Specify the -n 1 option when you start the mvsprsd daemon:
    mvsprsd -n 1 -qlp -p6250 -d/mvsdl -x/mvsdl/ 
    This option directs the daemon to create exactly one child process to receive data sets from MVS. Most customers use a shell script to run the mvsprsd daemon and specify its arguments. Using a shell script ensures that the daemon is always started correctly, with the same arguments. You should add the -n 1 option to the shell script.