Submitting a basic e-mail job

For information about the pdpr command and its attributes, see the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference on the Web, or the pdpr man page.

To submit a basic e-mail job, you can use this syntax:

pdpr -p email-ld -Z emailfilename
For an explanation of each variable on the command line, see this table:
Variable Definition


-p email-ld

Specifies the logical destination that you defined when configuring the Email option through the Advanced InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface.

For more information about configuring both logical and actual destinations and using the pdpr command, see the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.





Specifies a file that contains the job attributes, the name of the file you are sending, and the e-mail destination to which you are sending the e-mail.

E-mail attributes include cover sheet information, billing code information, and other options.

Note: subject-text, email-body, email-from-adress, email-to-adress, and email-signature are the only required attributes.

We recommend that you create sample attribute scripts that you can customize for your particular site. While you can specify e-mail attributes on the command line, we recommend using an attribute file.