Submitting print jobs through the LPD from an AIX system

To submit jobs from the LPD on an AIX system, you can use the lpr command, which accepts the -o options.

When you submit print jobs using the LPR client, you need to set up a remote queue on the local system. To accomplish this task, see your AIX system documentation. Once you have defined a remote queue, it identifies the InfoPrint Manager remote server and the name of the InfoPrint destination (either logical or actual) on that InfoPrint Manager remote server. The LPD submits the job to the InfoPrint print spool. We recommend that you specify the LPD subsystem in the /etc/inittab file to make sure that it starts on a system reboot and is always available.

When you enter the lpr command, you must specify the option that designates binary or already-formatted data. For example, you must use the -l (lowercase L) option on the lpr.

If you are printing from an InfoPrint Manager AIX server or from an AIX server where InfoPrint Manager client is installed, you should use the InfoPrint pdpr command to submit jobs directly to the InfoPrint print spool.